Tourism Minister Arief Yahya praised the hard work of Indonesian Charms Generation (GenPI) and Wonderful Indonesia Generation (GenWI) in promoting Indonesian tourism on social media as well as encouraging people to vote for Indonesia at the recent polling for DIVE Magazine’s 2017 Travel Awards, a London-based travel publication.

As a result of their hard work, Indonesia was named the world’s top destination for two years in a row by the publication.

“Keep on promoting Indonesian tourist attractions, national and local events and tourism policies and success to you all,” said Arief.

Indonesia was nominated in three categories: Best destination, dive center or resort and liveaboard.

A total of 13,845 votes were cast since the first polling in May, of which hundreds of nominated places and liveaboards were reduced to top 25 in each category. The second voting period was conducted in October for one full month.

In the best destination category, Indonesia took the first spot with 1,067 or 11.45 percent from the total of 9,399 votes cast, winning over Philippines and Azores.

“More than 17,000 islands comprise the Indonesian Archipelago, with a wide range of diverse habitats and species, from the pelagic visitors and strong currents of Komodo National Park to the tranquil black sands of Lembeh’s muck-diving oddities, and a wide range of everything else in between,” wrote the publication.

Indonesia also won in the best dive center or resort category with Siladen Resort and Spa at Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi. Other destinations in Indonesia that were also listed in the top 10 list include Lembeh Resorts in West Sumatra, Misool in West Papua, Papua Paradise in West Papua, Atlantis International Diving in Bali and Blue Corner in Bali.

In the liveaboards category, Cocos Sea Hunter from Costa Rica came out as the first winner with 233 votes from the total of 1,338 votes cast, winning by one vote from Sulawesi’s MY Pelagian.

“Tourism’s products are tourist attractions, which will charge a higher price if it has a higher brand value. International awards like the ones from Dive Magazine definitely boasts Indonesia’s brand value,” Arief said.

Below is the complete winner’s list of DIVE Magazine’s 2017 Travel Awards. (asw)


Best Destination 2017

1. Indonesia

2. Philippines

3. Azores

4. Mexico

5. Maldives

6. Egypt/Red Sea

7. Bahamas

8. Thailand

9. Fiji

10. Papua New Guinea


Best Dive Center or Resort 2017

1. Siladen Resort and Spa, Bunaken, Indonesia

2. Oblu Heneli, Maldives

3. Wakatobi, Indonesia

4. Lembeh Resort, Indonesia

5. Atmosphere Dauin, Philippines

6. Misool, Indonesia

7. Papua Paradise, Indonesia

8. Atlantis Diving Centre, Indonesia

9. Blue Corner Dive, Indonesia

10. Aiyanar, Philippines


Best Liveaboard 2017

1. Sea Hunter, Cota Rica

2. Pelagian, Indonesia

3. Bahamas Aggresor

4. FeBrina, Papua New Guinea

5. Nautilus Explorer, Mexico

6. M/V, Galapagos Master

7. M/V Sea Spirit, Maldives

8. M/Y Blue Horizon, Read Sea

9. M/V Ocean Sapphire, Maldives

10. Carpe Vita, Maldives.

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